Hi, I'm Christian. I...

My Experience

Specialist in need. Generalist at heart.


  • React
  • Javascript ES6
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Bootstrap
  • Api


  • NodeJS
  • REST
  • NPM
  • MongoDB
  • Express


  • VS Code
  • Github
  • Webpack
  • Command-Line
  • Chrome Dev Tools
  • Adobe Suite


Here are a few of my recent projects.

Pump Fitness


A website for Pump Fitness gym which includes a few interactive features built with Javascript. These interactive features include an on off canvas sidebar navigation menu, a pop up modal sign up form and the sign up form validates the users typed data.

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Crypto Currency Price Dashboard


A web application which displays live US Dollar price feed data for all of my favorite crypto currencies. The crypto currency price feed data is retrieved from binance.com using Websockets API's. The 24 hour price movement is also displayed for each crypto currency.

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Current Weather App


A weather app which displays the current weather, temperature, wind speed and humidity when the user types in an address. This weather app uses the Google geocoding API to get the latitude and longitude of the address input by the user. Once the app has the users geographic location it uses the openweathermap.org API to get the current weather report. The user can also switch between Fahrenheit and Celcius with the toggle on the bottom.

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